• Does Xandadeck work offline?

    Xandadeck is an online service. So, Internet access is required for your Player to properly be managed. There are a few caveats though. Here we provide all the details on what works and what doesn’t.

    If Internet access goes down, will my Player stop working?

    No, it will not. Playback will continue as normal. Players can withstand at least 30 days of no Internet access. Since the Players use the Internet to sync their clock, there will also be an issue with time scheduling, as the time can be off by a couple of hours. You can read more about the clock issue and how to solve it here.

    What if there is no Internet access for more than 30 days?

    Playback will stop. Your Player will start showing a warning message in the bottom-right corner 3 days prior to stopping. Eventually, somewhere between 30-45 days after losing internet access, your Player will stop playback and it will display an error message.

    If no content changes are made, can I use Xandadeck on a location with no Internet access?

    Not entirely. If you can visit the location once every 30 days, providing Internet access through a WiFi hotspot on your cell, you will allow the Player to retrieve the latest info and it will continue to work fine. And for sure, you must address the clock sync issue.

    Does all content work while the Player is offline?

    Yes. Videos (including YouTube videos) and Images are downloaded locally on the Players. Only Web Pages and Live Video Streaming won’t work while offline.

    Can I change/update content using a USB flash drive?

    No. Content and scheduling updates must be done through the Internet. We plan to provide some kind of support for this in the future, if there are enough requests.

    Account possibly compromised

    If you arrived here because you were notified about a suspicious login to your Xandadeck account,

    then it is quite possible that your account has been compromised.

    Notifications about login actions that you did not perform or do not remember, might suggest that someone

    else possesses your Xandadeck password and uses it to gain access to your account.

    We advice you to change your password immediately.

  • Do you provide TV sets or installation services?

    At Xandadeck, we do not sell any other hardware, except our own Xandabox and accessories for it.

    If you want a complete, turn-key solution based on Xandadeck (including TVs and installation works), contact us and we will try to assist you through our (small, but growing) Xandadeck Partner Network.

  • How can I test-drive Xandadeck without buying a Xandabox or Raspberry Pi?

    First of all, Xandadeck is free to use for a single registered monitor. We recommend that you buy a single Xandabox and test out the real thing! If you do not like it, you can turn the Xandabox into a full-fledged Media Center with OpenELEC for free!

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to check out sample Xandadeck output without a physical Xandabox. Maybe you could also check out Xandadeck YouTube channel and see how Xandadeck actually performs. And if not convinced, contact us and we might convince you. Sp you can skip the no-cost test-drive mess.

  • What about support?

    Xandadeck provides constant online support for all users. Just login to your account and drop us a line. We’ll help you out ASAP.

    In fact, even free accounts get support for FREE, we just respond to paid account requests first before handling requests from free accounts.

    Finally, large customers on “Custom” plans have a hotline support option. If you have a large project that has special requirements, or requires on-site presence and deployment services, contact us.

  • Are there any limits placed on Xandadeck usage?

    No, there is no limit whatsoever. You can upload as much content as you want and make as many changes as you want.

    The only limit imposed is the number of monitors. As long as you subscribe for the number of monitors you want to operate, everything else is unlimited! Really.

    Disclaimer: fair use is always implied. In case improper use is detected, we will contact you and, if you fail to conform, your account may be disabled abruptly. Check out our Terms of Use or contact us if you need more info.

  • How many monitors does Xandadeck support per account?

    You can have as many monitors as you need.

    Xandadeck uses scalable technologies that can support tens of thousands of monitors under a single Xandadeck account. Really!!!

  • Do I need any special skill to use Xandadeck or install the Xandabox?

    Absolutely not!

    Xandadeck was designed from scratch so that anyone can use it. Forget the mumbo-jumbo tech-stuff. The service is really easy to use and you can order Xandabox that are really plug-and-play. Really. 

    Once you get your Xandabox installed, you just log into https://app.Xandadeck.com and manage them all. So simple.

  • What are the requirements for using Xandadeck?

    Here are the minimum requirements for Xandadeck:

    • Xandadeck is an online service, so you need an Internet connection for signing in and managing your monitors yourself.
    • A Xandadeck-supported playback device is required for each monitor. We currently support the following options:
    • our very own Xandabox (recommended), comes free with our Annual Plan
    • a Raspberry Pi (preferably version 4), which you buy yourself and can setup yourself using this guide
    • Internet connectivity for the Xandabox devices installed, usually wireless (WiFi) or wired (LAN).

    Remember: Xandadeck is completely FREE for one monitor! So you can easily check it out and see if it suits you!

  • Why use Xandadeck and not the USB media player feature of my TV or my Smart TV?

    Here are 5 reasons why:

    1. Xandadeck automates the playback process . It can turn the TV on (and off), change the channel to the proper HDMI input and make sure everything goes smoothly without glitches.
    2. You can continuously update content over the Internet without using USB sticks or DVD discs. And you can do it easily for all your monitors.
    3. Xandadeck provides a scheduling feature. You can setup your monitors to show different things at different times, combined with powering off your monitor to save power.
    4. You can use a computer monitor, which is much cheaper than a regular TV set (let alone a Smart TV).
    5. Smart TVs cannot show a composition of different media files. With Xandadeck, you can set your monitor to concurrently show a combination of video, photos, websites, widgets, and other supported media we will be adding in the future.

    It is almost certain that we could write more reasons why, but we would bore you.

  • What does Xandadeck allow me to show on my monitors?

    Xandadeck can display a composite layout of playlists and standalone content containing:

    • Videos files, which you upload to Xandadeck from your computer
    • Videos from YouTube
    • Live Video Streams from YouTube, other popular video sites, and customer video sources (HLS, IP streamers, cams, etc)
    • Images, with editable menu boards, etc
    • PDF Files
    • PowerPoint files, which get converted seamlessly to videos, retaining all transitions and animations
    • Video from any HDMI source (you will need an IP Video Streamer for that)
    • Online web pages (on the Internet or in the LAN)
    • Widgets, a collection of ready to use components, including Scrolling Texts (ticker), Rich Text Editor, RSS Feed, Weather Info, and many others.
    • Audio files from your computer or YouTube as well as Audio Stream
    • Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel files as well as PDF files
    • Audio files
    • Audio stream
    • Audio from YouTube videos
    • Microsoft Word and Excel files 
    • Microsoft PowerPoint files (both video and imported as slides)

    You can upload whatever video, audio or image files you want to Xandadeck and use them.

    In the future, we are planning to include more exotic stuff. Stay tuned.