Does Xandadeck work offline?

Xandadeck is an online service. So, Internet access is required for your Player to properly be managed. There are a few caveats though. Here we provide all the details on what works and what doesn’t.

If Internet access goes down, will my Player stop working?

No, it will not. Playback will continue as normal. Players can withstand at least 30 days of no Internet access. Since the Players use the Internet to sync their clock, there will also be an issue with time scheduling, as the time can be off by a couple of hours. You can read more about the clock issue and how to solve it here.

What if there is no Internet access for more than 30 days?

Playback will stop. Your Player will start showing a warning message in the bottom-right corner 3 days prior to stopping. Eventually, somewhere between 30-45 days after losing internet access, your Player will stop playback and it will display an error message.

If no content changes are made, can I use Xandadeck on a location with no Internet access?

Not entirely. If you can visit the location once every 30 days, providing Internet access through a WiFi hotspot on your cell, you will allow the Player to retrieve the latest info and it will continue to work fine. And for sure, you must address the clock sync issue.

Does all content work while the Player is offline?

Yes. Videos (including YouTube videos) and Images are downloaded locally on the Players. Only Web Pages and Live Video Streaming won’t work while offline.

Can I change/update content using a USB flash drive?

No. Content and scheduling updates must be done through the Internet. We plan to provide some kind of support for this in the future, if there are enough requests.

Account possibly compromised

If you arrived here because you were notified about a suspicious login to your Xandadeck account,

then it is quite possible that your account has been compromised.

Notifications about login actions that you did not perform or do not remember, might suggest that someone

else possesses your Xandadeck password and uses it to gain access to your account.

We advice you to change your password immediately.


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