Videos, images, documents, web pages and widgets

Internet access and the XANDABOX.

Absolutely not! XANDABOX was designed from scratch so that anyone can use it.

You can have any number of monitors you need.

Xandadeck software supports TVs/monitors with HDMI, of any resolution.

What will happen to my monitors? In an event of Internet outage, Xandadeck-enabled screens will continue to work fine, up to a full month.

Yes. Xandadeck fully supports monitors mounted vertically.

Very. Nothing can ever affect your screens.

XANDADECK supports a wide variety of video formats.

We support PDF, PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX), Word (DOC/DOCX), Excel(XLS/XLSX) files.

XANDADECK requires a substantial amount of bandwidth. Really.

No, there is no limit whatsoever. You can upload as many videos and images as you want.

XANDADECK Provides first-level and second-level support for all users.