Does Xandadeck support connecting through a WiFi network?

Yes. You can set the WiFi network name and key through Xandadeck. You can also set it using the configuration file on the SD Card and Xandadeck will try to connect. You can edit this configuration file through your PC and an SD card reader. See our Xandadeck Manual Configuration Guide for more info.

Three WiFi modes are supported:

  • “Disabled” deactivates support for wireless networking. (coming really soon, for now just unplug the WiFi USB adapter)
  • “Find Any Open Network” scans the available wireless networks and connects to the open (unencrypted, without a passphrase or key) with the strongest signal reception.
  • “No Encryption” connects to the specified open (unencrypted, without a passphrase or key) wireless network.
  • “WPA Encryption” connects to the specified wireless network, encrypted using WPA or WPA2, with the specified passphrase or key (PSK).
  • “WEP Encryption” connects to the specified wireless network, encrypted using WEP (64 or 128 bits), with the specified passphrase or key.
  • “EAP Encryption”  connects to the specified wireless network, with the specific username and password.

To configure the WiFi connectivity, the wireless network adapter (or dongle) must be available and connected to the Player. If there is no adapter present, no configuration whatsoever takes place. Also, the Player tries to overcome any configuration errors, so it may automatically select between WPA and WEP in order to connect to the network.

For our Xandabox, all Network Settings can be configured when you place your order, so it works great as soon as you plug it in!

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that WiFi is not as fast or reliable as a wired connection. So, if you have an option between WiFi and wired Ethernet, we recommend using Ethernet.


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