How do I set what gets displayed?

Within Xandadeck, there are 3 simple concepts:

  • Media, which are things that you create or upload to Xandadeck and get displayed, like image files, video files, YouTube links or web site addresses. You can use media as a default content for your monitors.
  • Playlists, which are a collection of media that gets displayed one after the other, with a duration that you specify (e.g. to create an image slideshow or video playlist)You can set playlists as your default content on your monitors.
  • Shows, which are a composition of playlists placed on a virtual monitor (e.g. a full-screen image slideshow with a video playing on one corner) which is where you create the layout on a virtual monitor for the media, playlists and other files you want displayed. Shows are a collection of files or widgets you want displayed together.

After you create your shows, you can assign a default show to each of your monitors.


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