Add Images

Upload & Display Images (any format)

Thousands of Free Stock Images to Use

In-app Image Editor

Add Videos

Video Files

YouTube & YouTube Live Stream Video

Live Video Streaming (incl. IPTV, LAN streams)

Rotate & Crop Videos

HDMI-in Support

Add Web Pages

Display Web Pages (Public or Internal)

Form-based Authentication

Webpage Automation & Custom JS Implementation

Configurable Browser Zoom In/Out

Auto-Refresh Webpage

Show Fallback Image If Webpage Is Unreachable

Preload Webpage for Instant Transitions

Add Audio Files

Upload & Playback Audio Files (any format)

Use Audio from YouTube Videos & YouTube Live

Live Audio Streaming (incl. Internet Streams, LAN streams)

Add Documents

Upload & Display PDF Files

Upload & Display Powerpoint Files (.ppt & .pptx)

Upload & Display Excel Files (.xls & .xlsx)

Upload & Display Word Files (.doc & .docx)

Set Display Time for Each Page

Upload PPT as Video (w/ Animations & Transitions)

Screen Layouts & Templates

Screen Layouts with Multiple Zones of Media

Free Layout Templates for Any Industry

Add or Change Media, Playlists, Widgets, Texts and Shapes

Build Custom Layouts with the Design You Need 

Overlay Media / Layer Media

Layout Previewing in Browser 

Playback & Safety

Fullscreen Playback

Portrait (Vertical) and Landscape (Horizontal) Screen Orientation

Supports Any Screen Resolution (incl.1080p and 4K)

Supports Custom Resolutions and LED Panels/Billboards

Broadcast Emergency Alerts On Screens

CAP Support for Emergency Alerts (Q1-2020)

Video Wall Support (using 1 Player per Screen)

Media Management & Playlists

Media Playlists with Drag-and-Drop Editor

Media Previewing

Media Expiration

Instant Transitions (no black screens between Media)


Media Tags

Tag-Based Playlists


Content Scheduling

Schedule Repeating Events (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc)

Screen On/Off Hours (over HDMI)

User-friendly Schedule Editor

Schedule Download Hours (to use off-peak bandwidth)

Volume Level Scheduling (for noisy peak-hours)


RSS Ticker (scrolling text)

Current Weather & Hourly or Daily Forecasts

Clocks, Dates, Quotes, QR Codes, Countdowns

Calendars (Google, more to come)

Data Dashboards and Integrations with 20+ Services, like Google Analytics

Upload Your Own Custom Widgets


Wired Ethernet Support

Wireless Network (WiFi) Support (on-board or dongle*)

3G/4G/LTE USB Dongle Support

Supports DHCP or Static (IP, Gateway and DNS Server)

Supports HTTP Proxy with Authentication

Supports Custom NTP Server

Deploy Custom Certificates to Players

Keyboard-free Installation, Plug-n-Play


Multiple Users in One Account

2-Factor Authentication

Standard User Roles

Custom User Roles

Granular Access Control with Workspaces for Restricted Access to Content and Screens

Single Sign-On (SSO) Using SAML

Custom Password Policy

Security Lockdown for Players

User IP Address Whitelist

Audit Logs

Player Storage Encryption

Management & Monitoring

Complete Remote Management Through the Web

Playback Reports (Proof of Play)

Player Content Screenshots

In-Map Screen Visualization

Tag-based Screen Grouping

Different Timezone per Player

Automated Software Upgrades

Command-line Access (SSH)

Email Notifications on Player Online/Offline


Service Limits

Local Storage of Content

Offline Playback

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited Cloud Bandwidth

Unlimited Users in an Account

Unlimited Capacity (supporting thousands of Players)

Player Hardware


Upgrade Available to 4GB XANDA BOX

Available Storage for Media

Worldwide Warranty 




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