Setting a Web Page to refresh

January 15, 2021 Administrator Tech FAQs

When you add a single Web Page to a Show, the Web Page will not refresh. The same thing happens with a Playlist with a single Web Page in it. This is by design, since many Web Pages need to be shown constantly.

To refresh a Web Page, you must create a Playlist and add the Web Page twice, with the same duration. This will cause the Player to reload the Web Page at each interval*.

IMPORTANT:┬áIf you refresh a page too often, the website might block your IP. Set a duration that matches your needs. We suggest a minimum of 60″ refresh time. Also, account for ALL the Players that will be loading this Web Page. Your IP or whole system might be blocked if you load content too fast from a third-party website.

*Note that content is pre-loaded, to make transitions more smooth. So, the next Web Page entry in the Playlist starts to load in the background, as soon as the previous entry has been shown on screen.


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