Does Xandadeck support authenticating on a web page?

January 15, 2021 Administrator Tech FAQs

A website may require authentication to access a specific URL. Usually, authentication is implemented using two different ways:

  • HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Form-based Authentication, using sessions (cookies)

HTTP Basic Authentication

If the authentication is based on HTTP Basic Authentication, then you can provide the username and password within the URL on the Web Page in Xandadeck, like:

http://USERNAME:[email protected]/path/to/your/page.php

Try out the following test link in Xandadeck to verify it:

https://user:[email protected]/basic-auth/user/passwd

Form-based Authentication

If the authentication is based on login forms and sessions/cookies, then you will be able to use our scripting engine to login and navigate to the page you need. Here is the documentation on our web scripting engine.


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