Can I connect the RPi directly to RCA?

It is perfectly possible to connect the RPi directly to RCA.

To get the composite output, you need a special cable ( – this is not a “hard to find” cable, in the sense that you can probably find something like that locally or from one of your suppliers. You just need to test it first and ensure that it works as properly. Even if the connectors are correct, the cable that you find may not work correctly (polarities on the plug may be different).

We have the “hdmi_force_hotplug” directive set to active by default since 99% of cases use HDMI. 

So, the last thing you need to do in order to make this work is to follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Xandadeck portal.
  2. Go to “Monitors” and click edit on the Monitor that you want connect 
  3. Go to the “Advanced” tab
  4. Enable the “Allow Raspberry config.txt Override” toggle button
  5. In the “Raspberry config.txt Override Directives” text area, you will have to insert the following:
  6. Click “Save”.

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